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New Nidan Senapi's

A huge congratulations to new Nidan Senpais - Senpai Jo (Dunedin) and Senpai Bernadete (Temuka). The promotion was taken by Jun Shihan Lance

Xmas 2015 Black Belt Dinner

Raising money for South Island Charities, over 3 days, covering 369km.
Who will join us next year for this amzing event?

Not just for experienced riders. The Central South Island Charity Bike Ride is open to cyclists from beginners to experienced. Teenagers to 80 year olds!

Ride groups are based on cyclist speed and go in order from fastest to slowest: Mice, Frogs, Cows, Ducks and Bears. 

This year over 140,000 was raised for local charities - all money raised goes directly to the charities such as Hospice, YMCA, Cystic Fibrosis, Plunket, Family Works, Altzheimers, St Vincent de Paul etc.

2016 Central South Island Charity Bike Ride had a great Seido Karate turnout with Senpai Donella and Senpai Noel in the "Cows", then moving onto the "Frogs", and Senpai Paula, Senpai Cherie, Senpai Giselle, Senpai Lizzie and helper Sparrow (Ian Pearse - Senpai Cheries husband ) in the "Bears". Well done everyone.
(above left) Senpai LIzzie / (below left) Senpai's Paula and Cherie / (above right) Senpai Paula

(left to right) Senpai's Paula, Gisele and LIzzie
(above) Senpai's Cherie, Giselle, and Sparrow (far right)
(above left) Senpai Paula at the top of the Otematata Saddle
(above from left to right) Senpai's Gisele and Cherie
(above) Senpai Cherie
(above) Senpai Donella
(above) Senpai Noel
(above from left to right) Senpai's Giselle and Lizzie

(above) Senpai Donella


On February 20th 2014 several members of Seido Karate Temuka, Timaru and Geraldine competed in the Annnual Central South Island Charity Bike Ride, including Senpais Chris (and partner Jo), Senpai's Paula, Cherie, Aaron, Christine, Michelle, and me. Between us over $5000 was raised for charity. Even most of us were in different ride groups, we all got together at the end of each day and had a blast.

There were a few notable moments for me - 3 punctures (the second one 5 minutes after the first!) and making my way through 2 tyres by the end of the ride . Personal highlight - top speed down Burkes Pass 89.3km.

A certain Senpai (who shall remain nameless - except to those of us who know!) did a spot of group hopping  when he wanted to pick his speed up and his group wasn't going fast enough for him (or her) - making a sneaky mad dash to the next ride group up - only to be given a telling off from his (or her) group leaders when we stopped for lunch! Sorry you couldn't stay Senpai - next year hopefully!!! Love your spirit though.

Osu Senpai - Donella


Charity Bike Ride 2013:

Click on this link for more information on the history of the Charity Bike Ride (History of the rides).

Above from left: Leanda Finlay, Senpai Aaron Greave, Senpai Cherie Pierce and Senpai Donella Ritchie

Above from left: Senapi Cherie, Senapi Michelle, Leanda, Senpai Chris

Above from left: Senpai Michelle, Sparrow, Noel, Senpai Donella

The Charity Bike Ride is an awesome community participation event with all involved focusing on raising money for those in need, also as we ride approximately 380km over 3 days, it is an excellent health and fitness event. There are heaps of challenging hills (pain and suffering), rider comradery, fun and laughs, not to mention sore bottoms and other sore spots, but there is also heaps of yummy food to help fuel our tired muscles and to help perk up the spirits when those wicked head winds pick up!!!

Each of the participants pay $150 which covers all of their costs (food, accommodation, administration costs, rider shirts etc). Before we can participate in the ride each person must raise at least $500. All of the money raised goes directly to the charities involved.


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BBQ Fundraiser at Kakahu Farm

Senpai Bernadete, Senpai Cassidy, Senpai Jordan and Senpai Bernadete's husband Christopher organised a BBQ fundraiser for Temuka Seido Karate at Kakahu farm (Angus beef).They raised around $500 for our club.

Mel Parsons & The Bitches Box once again put on a wonderful show.
Thank you Garry, Judith & Aaron Sheed for your support on our BBQ Fundraiser at Kakahu Farm.       
Thank you Tom & Anna, Gerald & Sue Hargreaves  from Kakahu
rm for giving us the opportunity to do this fundraising on your farm.

And a big thank you to Senpai Bernadete and family for once again giving so generously of their time and energy to raise funds for our club. Osu.



Remember what the poster says "Don't just buy anywhere. Buy Local".

Fresh Choice Supermarket Geraldine thank you so very much for your generosity.


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Jun Shihan Lance being presented with a special Jun Shihan Celebration Belt on 9th April 2013 by the Temuka Seido Karate students.



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SHODAN PROMOTION - By Hamish Scarsbrook

I was all so excited for the participants of the grading. The time had come and they were all definitely put to the test! There was a range of difficult stages the hardest would have been the physical part of it, as it was shown in all their faces. You could see all the nerves also when they were heading to the last part! “sparring”. Rodger was very good at his punches as he was a very successful boxer, Joseph was a good strong man that kept his stamina, Cassidy was very precise about all his moves, Jordan had those kicks working in his favour as he dominated with the kicks, Lizzy was good at keeping them moving. All the hard work paid off as all the participants got through the sparring and earned their 1st Dan Black Belts. Well done all you guys!

Osu - Hamish Scarsbrook (12 years)


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Jogging on the beach, performing kata with a loud Kiai, learning defence techniques with familiar people and others you have never met before, forming a circle holding hands and kicking and finishing with punches and walking into the sea - all done in the middle of winter!  If you told me this two years ago I would probably have commented "gees are those people crazy?!"  I would never imagined myself becoming part of this group until my family joined the Temuka Seido Karate Club.   

This year we started with a run up the beach as usual, Shihan and Senpi saw a dead penguin and gave it a little burial ceremony.  The beach was shared with a little dogs walking group, and at one stage a little dog licked my foot when I was in the push up position - that made me jump!  We were divided into different groups and an instructor from Dunedin showed us self defence techniques.  The techniques were slightly different it really showed that Karate is about constant learning.  It does not matter how basic the movement may appear to be, there are so many styles and possibilities that we learn all the time.  
We then gathered into a big circle hand in hand doing mae geri (front snap kick), this "togetherness" was my favourite part of the day.  The training ended with punching and stepping into the sea until the water was up to our waist - for some of the members it was a plunge into the sea!!  We were positioned to have adults among the children, short with tall so we could watch out for each other.

Once we changed into dry clothing, we went back to the Timaru Dojo to enjoy a cup of home made super yummy soup and breads - thanks to Pam!   This is a nice way to end a fun training day!    

Osu -Chiu-I (3rd Kyu)

On the 21 of June Senpai  Paula, Senpai Cherie (mum) and I got up at 3:00am to go to the tournament in Wellington. We left at 3:30am - on the way there we drove through rain, flooding, snow, sleet and hail. When we got to the airport in Christchurch our flight was supposed to be at 6:45am but it  was cancelled because Wellington Airport was closed due to the 130km winds. We sat there waiting for ages. When we finally got onto the plane we had to wait on the plane for one hour because Wellington Airport hadn’t open yet. When it did open it started to snow, so they had to de-ice it and then we took off. When we were nearly in Wellington the plane started to shake violently. When we landed at left the airport we went to our hotel it was called Mercure on the Terrace. We were only the second flight to land in Wellington that day.  Later on that night I went to a class with Nidame. It was just a kids class and I liked going there. That night I didn’t get much sleep because of the wind outside was so loud. The next day we went to the tournament. There were hundreds of competitors competing - we stayed there all day. The next day we went to the Brooklyn dojo on the other side of Wellington. We went there in a shuttle with other Black Belts. When we arrived there were heaps of people there - first class  white, blue, yellow, green and finally brown. I didn’t do that class, I just watched it. After that it was a class for Black Belts only, I watched that too. When that was finished we went to a motel for lunch with Nidame. After that we went to our hotel to get our stuff and we went to the airport we looked around. Then we got on our plane and we got to Christchurch airport at about 6:30pm then we drove home. 

Osu - Paige Pierce (11 years)


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Shodan Promotion Dinner

Many thanks to all those who attended the Shodan Promotion Dinner at the Shearers Quarter on Saturday 29th June 2013. The food was delicious and everyone had a wonderful time. Many thanks to the Shearers Quarter for all their hard work in making this important event such a success.

To find out more information on the Shearers Quarters go to their website: http://www.theshearersquarters.co.nz/


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On 11 December 2012 Senpai Aaron Greave was promoted to Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt) after a gruelling closed (only black belts able to attend) grading at the Christchurch Dojo under the instruction and guidance of Hanshi Renzie. He was promoted along with 3 other black belts from Christchurch Dojo. He showed excellent strength, fitness, skill and spirit - he did himself and our dojo proud. Osu Senpai Aaron.


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Gold & Silver Medals for our students in the Timaru Kyokushin Karate Tournament - 25 November 2012

Awesome work Cassidy van der Wielen (Gold Medal in 14-15 Year Old Division Sparring), Jordan van der Wielen (Silver in Boys 10-11 Year Old Division Sparring & Silver in Junior Kata 4th Kyu and Above Division), Leanda Finlay (Silver Medal in Womens Lightweight Sparring) and not forgetting Rodger Leonard (Geraldine Dojo) (Silver Medal in Senior Division Sparring & Silver in Senior Kata). Also well done to Daniel Roberts who entered the Kata Divison and did a great job with a powerful and spirited kata. All karateka who entered should be very proud of their efforts, it was a pleasure to watch you all.

Check out our "Photo Gallery" for photos of the day.

Osu, Senpai Donella

From left to right (Daniel Roberts, Leanda Finlay, Cassidy van der Wielen, Jordan van der Wielen, Rodger Leonard)


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On Saturday 6th October 2012 Bernadete van der Wielen was promoted to Senpai (1st Dan Black Belt) by Sensei David Martin of Timaru Seido Karate after a gruelling 3 1/2 hour grading. Seniors also present were Jun Shihan Michael (Timaru), Jun Shihan Lance (Temuka), Kyoshi Sandra (Timaru), Kyoshi John (Timaru) and Kyoshi Dave (Timaru). Please see our "Photo Gallery" to see photos of this event. Write-up to follow. Osu Senpai Bernadete - you are tiny in stature but huge in heart and spirit.

(Sensei David Martin and Senpai Bernadete van der Wielen after her shodan promotion)


(Senpai Bernadete van der Wielen and her son Jordan van der Wielen)


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Our Club has 2 new Nidans, Senpai Cherie Pierce and Senpai Paula Thompson who were promoted to Nidan early on Sunday morning 17th June 2012. Well done Senpai's after a long, gruelling build-up and then grading. Your spirits shone through brightly.


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100% Homemade Cafe & Catering - A huge thank you

Our sincere thanks go out to Amanda & Charles Scarsbrook who own and operate 100% Homemade Cafe and Catering in Temuka (all 4 of their children are members of Temuka Seido Karate).

The food was delicious and was well and truly welcomed by all those who attended Senpai Bernadettes Shodan Promotion dinner on Saturday 6th October 2012. Amanda and Charles give their time and effort freely to cater for this important event for our club. Everyone had an absolutely enjoyable evening.

We appreciate their support and I am sure they would appreciate ours. Call in and say hi to Amanda and Charles and treat yourself to some of their delicious food and drinks.

Amanda and Charles encompass the ideals that Seido Karate teaches based on our principals of Love, Respect and Obedience - from the writings by our founder Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura "Only by sharing and learning from others do we ourselves become whole and fully realise our human potential".


  • Located within the historic Mendelson Barn complex on SH1 By-pass in Temuka.

  • Charles and Amanda extend a warm welcome, where the preparation and serving of food is not seen as a job, but a passion, reflected in the surroundings, presentation and every taste experience you have at 100% Homemade café.

  • Devoted to their two boys and twin girls, their appreciation of family needs is integral to 100% café’s philosophy in providing a safe environment for the children. Within the café there is a secure play area well stocked with toys, guaranteed to entertain while you relax.

  • With ample seating for individuals and groups, the atmosphere of the café is one of space and elegance, but still with a cosy, rural feel. The walls are a perfect gallery for paintings by three generations of Amanda’s family, including grandfather Aston Greathead, mother Wendy Smith and son Lachlan.

  • Mendelson Barn not only houses 100% Homemade Cafe, but also Mendelson Florist and Temuka Pottery retail shop.


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