Individually we are one drop - Together we are an ocean

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My dear friend and fellow karateka sent me this email today and it really moved me - Osu Senpai Donella

From Bernadete van der Wielen:

Here is my great inspiration....my Mum & Dad racing each other at beach. I was delighted behind the camera. The thing is: She is 83 and he is 85 years old. If they can do it, so can I. I will remember this on my grading day.

Mila & Avelino Molinetti (Bernadetes Mum and Dad)

I've been thinking about inspiration (a fresh break from doing business on the computer). It is funny how we look for Inspiration as a distance thing. We think about all those famous people, athletes, champions, movie stars, scientists and forget to look around us - our parents, grandparents, a neighbour, perhaps that humble person working quietly behind the scenes. Inspiration is all around us, we have only to keep our eyes and heart open - Osu - Bernadete

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